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23 VIDEO PROGRAMS, 1979-2002
(Prices include postage)

"Mandala Minnow and Transformations of Consciousness." A 1-hour documentary concerning the use of mental imagery and mandala art in counseling, a discussion of 32 mandala drawings by clients of Michael and him on a 5-foot long by 40-inches tall fiberglass Rockfish for the public outdoor art exhibition in Richmond called "GO FISH!", and a look at 27 more of the 200+other wonderfully decorated fish on exhibit in Richmond from June-September 2001. $9.95.

"Nature and the Human Spirit." A 1 3/4 hour tape of a concert of original music, poetry and art by Michael Brown given at the Uptown Gallery, Richmond, VA, June 2000. $19.95.

"Soul Healer: An evening with the Muse of Creativity." A 3/4-hour tape of a concert of original music, poetry and art by Michael given at the Uptown Gallery, Richmond, VA. August 1999. $12.95.

"The 5 "R's" of mental and spiritual adjustment to cancer." A 1-hour video program documenting the latest research on cancer treatment for Cancer Survivors Day, HealthSouth Hospital, Richmond, VA. June 1999. $15.95.

"Confidentiality in Counseling." A 1-hour television interview of Michael concerning a murder trial in which he was involved and the need for confidentiality in counseling, Richmond Channel 7, November 1998. $15.95.

"Weekend Vision Quest Camping Retreat." at Renala Estates, Warm Springs, VA. A 1-hour documentary of a weekend retreat by Michael and the rich value of contact with the natural world. July 1998. $15.95.

"Symbolic Art: Path to the Heart and Soul." A 90 minute documentary of an exhibition of poetry and mandala art by clients of Michael and him displayed in the US Airways terminal of the Richmond International Airport, October 1997 - June 1998. $12.95.

"The Bone Game: A ritual for developing communication skills and group or tribal consciousness." A 90 minute  documentary on a retreat conducted by Michael for teenagers. Lyndhurst, VA. January 1997. $12.95.

"Soul Healer, Part II: Nature and the Human Spirit." A 1 3/4-hour video tape of a concert held at the Uptown Gallery, Richmond, VA. July 1995. $19.95.

"Soul Healer: An evening with the muse of creativity." A 1 3/4-hour video tape of a concert held at the Uptown Gallery, Richmond, VA. November 1995. $19.95.

"Mask, Myth and Ritual," A 90 minute program documenting two weekend mask retreats by Michael, the first with youth, the second with adult women. March 1994. $19.95.

"Transpersonal Psychology: Bridging the gap between psychology and spirituality in the 'New Age.'" A 90 minute seminar and workshop given by Michael at Charter Westbrook Hospital, Richmond, VA. August 1993. $19.95.

"Kiva Groups: A Process of Community Building." A 1-hour program documenting Michael's use of an ancient Native American ritual called the Kiva Group process with attendees at the 1992 Annual Convention of the Virginia Counselors Association, Richmond, VA., November 1992. $15.95

"Techniques for Better Living," six 90 minute  instructional programs with Ralph Wiggins, Ph.D., and Michael, January - March 1992. $12.95 each.

  • Developing Human Resources.
  • Techniques for Relaxation and Renewal.
  • Techniques for Developing Mental Clarity.
  • Developing Communication Skills.
  • Hypnosis, Visualization and Mental Imagery.
  • Symbolic Art: A process of Self-discovery.

"Mandalas." A 1-hour seminar given by Michael at the Institute for Higher Healing, Richmond, VA. April 1991. $15.95.

"Salutations to Wilderness," a 38-minute video documentary of the 20th Anniversary Conference in Washington, DC of the signing of the 1964 Wilderness Act conceived, coordinated and convened by Michael. July 1984. $12.95.

"Wilderness Vision Quest," an 8-minute TV documentary of this outdoor retreat Michael has been conducting since 1975; plus a 4-minute TV documentary with Michael about "Out-of-Body Experiences," Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences. 1982. $12.95.

"Consciousness and Health." A 90 minute TV interview about Michael's contribution to the World Symposium on Humanity, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. September 1979. $12.95.




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