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What Newspapers Say about Michael Brown and His Work.


Volume 10, Spring, 2003


Jonathan Thompson

Seeking to provide a catalyst for member interaction, growth, and indeed to develop and sharpen individual performance, 2002's Fall Executive Forum included an amended agenda- which came at "change" from a different perspective for both Actives and Alumni. The most interesting portion was the selection of Michael Brown, Ed.S. as the keynote speaker, and his presentation. (Click to see the full article)

Richmond Times Dispatch, August 19, 2015 - Holly Prestidge

'Fruits of their labor'
A garden of riches for Mechanicsville couple (Click to see the full article.)

Richmond Times Dispatch, July 7, 2015 - Michael H. Brown

'Notes from the garden'
I spend the last two weekends of February broadcasting, with a shovel and wheelbarrow, (Click to see the full article.)

Richmond Times Dispatch, November 8, 2015 - Michael H. Brown

'Faith and Values A journey of development'
On a warm spring evening in 1970, as I stood on the small rise overlooking St. Mary's Seminary in Catonsville, Maryland, I pondered my fate. (Click to see the full article.)

Publicity Boomer, March 2009

Michael Brown's "10-Minute Miracle" for Valentine's day or any day. (Click to see the full article.)

Richmond Times Dispatch, March 1, 1995 - Alberta Lindsey

"When people take their troubles to Michael H. Brown, they usually end up flushing their wounds with creativity." (Click to see the full article.)

The Mechanicsville Local, October 22, 1997 - Rob Crosby

"Healing your body, mind and soul is the focus on an art display at the Richmond International Airport under the direction of Mechanicsville resident Michael H. Brown." (Click to see the full article.)

Richmond Times Dispatch, November 29, 1997 - Debora Kelly

The counseling, healing power of art:

Jo DiPerna was a first-time mother with an 18-month-old baby when she was diagnosed with malignant melanoma eight years ago. The illness was a terrifying chapter in DiPerna's li8fe. But even after the skin cancer was surgically excised, the depression that followed her cancer diagnosis remained. That's when DiPerna decided to try counseling and learned about the healing power of symbolic art and poetry.
(Click to see the full article.)

Richmond Times Dispatch, November 23, 1998 - Carrie Johnson

"AFTER HOMICIDE TRIAL, HE'S SEEKING CHANGE IN STATE LAW: To Michael Brown, it was the biggest conflict of his professional career."
(Click to see the full article.)

American Forests Magazine, October 1983 -  Bill Rooney

Wilderness Vision Quest--a camping/backpacking experience whose purpose is "the awakening of a deep inner life through an intimate encounter with nature."
(Click to see the full article.)




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