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The distinguishing feature of the services I offer is the way I help people creatively handle the dynamics of change.  Change is an important and necessary part of the human experience, for it is only through change that we can grow. But it is often frightening, disorienting and painful.  Crisis brings change, as when trauma occurs, when old relationships end or new ones begin, when trouble befalls us occupationally,  financially or to our health. If we lack the ability to handle change successfully, a host of difficulties and mental dis-eases can result including stress, panic,  anxiety, and depression; adjustment, conduct and eating disorders; substance, spousal and child abuse, to name a few.  Counseling can prevent these from occurring or help resolve them when they do. Counseling can also help people resolve long standing issues from the past, face current problems, improve present levels of functioning, and find new visions or goals toward which to grow.

I adapt my work to fit the unique needs of my clients--be they individuals, couples, families or organizations--and there are many options. Most clients come for just an hour of counseling a week. Some come for two or more. Some participate in a weekly two-hour personal growth group. Some take part in seminars and retreats I conduct. Some, who seek to face and resolve their issues more quickly and can pay out-of-pocket, work with me more intensely on what I call the solo Vision Quest: for half a day, for a day, for three days in a row; in my office, at a location out-of-town, even in the context of outdoor camping trips. Specific outcomes from any of these initiatives, of course, depend on the trust the client and I can develop and the effort s/he makes both in and between counseling sessions.

My logo expresses the result of this work in a symbolic way. It depicts the human spirit as an eagle, rising up from the earth below--free from the bonds of the past; with outstretched wings--strong and powerful in the present; heading toward the heights--the full utilization of our biological, psychological,   spiritual and collective potential.  


I employ a variety of  innovative and experiential techniques to help my clients focus their thinking, expand their awareness, develop their unique human resources, and enhance their quality of living. Intensity, depth and a renewed sense of meaning result from the techniques I have learned to trust, use, and teach others to employ, including:

DEEP RELAXATION, STRETCHING EXERCISES, BREATHING TECHNIQUES:  to release stress and tension; to become more calm, centered and present at home and work; to open more widely to an experience of love for self, others and the natural world.

REFLECTIVE THINKING, JOURNAL WRITING:  to increase the focus, concentration and mental clarity with which sound decisions are made.  Writing and journal work are considered essential to the process of problem solving, self-discovery, and growth. 

VISUALIZATION, MENTAL IMAGERY, HYPNOSIS:  to use the imagination to deeply explore issues of concern; to create clear mental pictures of and therefore gain insight about issues, goals and priorities; to perceive reality in creative ways; and to connect to the energies of inspiration and revelation.

SYMBOLIC DRAWING AND MANDALA ART:  to capture mental pictures on paper so they can be studied, understood and remembered; to study over time patterns which repeat and need to be addressed or transformed; to enhance creative self-expression; and, by sharing the art, to improve interpersonal communication skills.

ROLE PLAYING, PSYCHODRAMA, MOVEMENT WORK:  to become more spontaneous and trust the self in action; to communicate in powerfully non-verbal ways; and to enhance empathy and intuition.

HOMEWORK AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF REALISTIC ACTION PLANS:  to fully utilize the insights and inspiration of the counseling and consulting process in grounded and specific ways to improve and deepen levels of functioning.



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